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The World Song

Our way is clear as we march on,
And see our flag on high!
It’s never furled,
Throughout the world,
For hope shall never die!

We must unite for what is right,
In friendship true and strong,
Until the earth,
In its rebirth,
Shall sing our song,
Shall sing our song.

All those who love the true and good,
Who’s promises were kept,
With humble minds,
Whose acts were kind,
Whose honour never slept!

These were the free,
And we must be,
Prepared like them to live,
To give to all,
Both great and small,
All we can give.
All we can give.

Learn the Lyrics faster! Lyrics and tune in a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_aHL-6Tb0k&feature=channel

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Anonymous said...

It helped a lot!
Thankyou very much! ;)
(frm a SriLankan girl guide) ;P