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40 Days on an Iceberg

Actions for each line of this song are in brackets ( ) below each line.

Forty days on an iceberg,
(flash ten fingers 4 times)
over the ocean blue.
(mimick waves with your hands)
Nothing to wear but pajamas,
(pull on PJ bottoms)
nothing to do but slide.
(mimick a slide with your hands)
The air was cold and frosty,
(shiver with arms crossed over your chest)
the frost began to bite.
(Gently pinch your arms)
I had to hug a polar bear,
to keep me warm at night!
(Hug the person next to you)

Similar to "Swimming, Swimming, in the swimming pool," this song losses a line each time you sing it again, humming in the place of the line you remove.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We always sang this differently. For us, every time you sang this you added on a couple of polar bears, so you hugged more of your neighbors.
ie. I had to hug three polar bears,
to keep me warm at night!
then you would find three other girls to hug.
The song would end in a huge group hug.