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They All Call It Canada

Side by side and step by step,
Our fathers were marching along.
They were building a road to the future,
With a spade and a smile and a song.

Out of the wildness,
and out of the sand,
grew the land that we live in today.
Though the job to be done,
has barely begun,
here is one thing I'm proud to say.

My Country,
is my cathedral,
the Northern sky its dome!
They all call it Canada,
but I call it home.

The mountains,
the lakes,
the valleys,
are friends I have known.
They all call it Canada,
but I call it home.

From the Atlantic,
to the Pacific!
From the pole,
to the USA!
We're one united brotherhood,
and united we will stay!

The people beyond our boarders,
and far across the foam,
they all call it Canada,
but I call it home.


Jean-Marie Barker said...

You can purchase choral and vocal music for this piece through Counterpoint Music Library Services' archive service, at this link: cpmusiclibrary.ca/library_detail.php?c=GRAF&cid=3

Tatjana Johnston said...

Wow..we learned this song in my public school as a choir piece in I believe grade six. I like it very much. I wondered why we never hear it sung anywhere and I never knew what it was called and where it came from.

Donna Nadeau said...

I to remember this song, and have asked lots of people and no one has heard it. I have always remembered the words. Would love to hear this song again. I am not sure why I remembered all the words....

Anonymous said...

Our elementary school sang this when I was in Grade Seven. I now find that this was in the very year it was published.

Bena said...

Like Donna Nadeau, I too learnt this song in elementary school and never forgot the words. I've never heard anyone else sing it and have often wondered why when it is such a good 'Canadian' song.

DBattag1948 said...

Hi Donna. I'm a Donna too. We sung this song when I was in Girl Guides. I'm from Toronto, Ontario but i moved to British Columbia in 2005. This song always gives me goose bumps as I walk through the many trails out here north of Vancouver. I've not heard it sung by anyone since then aside from it playing in my head and this morning I awoke and it was singing in my brain. So I immediately went to the Internet and here it is. I have ear worm so there is always music playing in my head. Look up ear worm on the Internet. Nobody understands what ear worm is unless have it too. It's cost me thousands upon thousands of good night's sleep.

Debra Leedham said...

This song was included on an album produced for Canada's centennial celebrations in 1967, so that is where I learned it. Fifty years later, we have learned, as a society, to respect the aboriginal culture that lived in this country before the Europeans came. Perhaps this song is no longer popular because the introduction to it is disrespectful of our heritage in ignoring that culture.